Friday, November 13, 2009

Holiday Preview

Here at Second Hand Chic we've just finished decking the halls. Check out our selection of holiday sparkle.


  1. What beautiful photos of your artful arrangements! Can't wait to see it person! Merry Christmas to all!

  2. I cant wait to go Shopping Annie

  3. Stopped in to claim my prize Wednesday but you weren't there! Store looked cute! Will drop by again soon...

  4. What did The Tews win?????? Oh, don't you love to win!

    Say, 2nd Hand Chic. My favorite Christmas item is the bowl of white plastic St. Nicholas tree ornaments. I had to quickly look away or something odd might have happened in Avondale.

    Bytheway, Why don't you link to my Western General Facilities page on the World Wide Web, like you do for the other nice places that you like? I think you would enjoy the WGF presence on the Web and I believe many of your paying and visiting customers alike would enjoy the intrigue that the episodes of Avondale present.