Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hooked on Rugs

Here is a beautiful hooked rug project we just received from one of our readers. They were sent to me by Gayle, who as you can see from these photos of her latest project, is a very talented wool rug artist. Don't you love the colors she's used against the black background?

Be sure to check out Gayle's cute blog, "The Middle Sister" at:www.themiddlesister.blogspot.com/

Great work, Gayle. Thanks for sharing. Gayle will be entered in this month's blog contest for sending in her photos. Don't forget to submit your crafty creations, do-it-yourself projects, vintage finds or decorating ideas. E-mail your photos to: secondhandchic@xmission.com. Your photos will be posted on this blog just because we love to share!
Love, Kelly


  1. Gayle is amazing! What beautiful work, and so artfully galleried on the stair risers! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Would it be wrong to call this talented and imaginative artisan a hooker? I mean it in the most artistic sense, of course.