Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Makeover Magic

Here's a photo sent in from Auretha Callison. She stripped the dresser, leaving some of it's old layers creating a very cute shabby chic look. Great job, Auretha! Thanks for sharing!

And speaking of makeovers, if your wardrobe is in need of a little sprucing up, Auretha is the gal to call. Check out her website:

For sending in her photo, Auretha will be entered in this month's giveaway. Share your creative ideas wih us. Just e-mail your photos of your decorating ideas, furniture fix-ups, vintage finds or crafty creations. We'll post the photos on this blog because we like to share.

Love, Kelly


  1. What a beautiful finish on the old dresser! Thanks for sharing, Auretha, and letting us all see what's possible!

  2. Wow, just checked out Auretha's website, and it is super.....Change your image, and change your life! And use what you have in your closet! Thanks!

  3. Dear Second Hand Chic,
    I'll bet you can't wait till I figure out how to send you photos of my decorating ideas, furniture fix-ups, vintage finds or crafty creations!

  4. Oh BTW, I gotta get it together with your friend Dale. You know what I'm saying....