Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ten Thousand Villages

As you know, the holiday gift giving season is rapidly approaching. Before you head to the mall or that gigantic discount store around the corner to complete your list, consider what global effect your shopping habits have. Does that mega-store you plan to shop at practice fair trade procedures with the people who manufacture its goods? Ten Thousand Villages is one in a network of over 100 fair trade stores in North America whose efforts improve the economic status of tens of thousands of artisans by providing income for food, education, health care and housing. We are lucky to have a 10,000 Villages shop right here in Sugar House.
Pictured from left to right, volunteer Sherry and shop supervisor, Sabrina King.

The shop is beautifully merchandised using color as a theme. It's simply brimming with hundreds of wonderful and unique gift ideas from around the globe. You'll find jewelry, scarves, handbags, picture frames, bird houses, ceramics, home decor, toys and much more. The best part is all of the merchandise is fairly traded, with the goal of empowering marginalized producers and enabling them to gain access to world markets.

10,000 Villages also stocks a variety of holiday decorations for your home.

" Our mission is to provide vital income to disadvantaged artisans and their families in impoverished areas of the world by marketing their handicrafts, telling their stories, and promoting economic justice through fair trade. "

The Second Hand Chicks want to remind you to shop responsibly.
Ten Thousand Villages
1941 South 1100 East
SLC, Utah 84106
Love, Kelly


  1. My favorites are the finger puppets. I had vowed to learn to crochet/knit/spindle... whatever have you... and these were one of the projects I had so desired to make. But I haven't learned these crafts yet, and I still need to learn how to play the piano and hip-hop. So it looks like I'll have to buy me some o' these cute little puppets. At least ten -- one for every finger.

  2. My favorite is that cool bird nest....none of the local birds ever do one that looks like a birdhouse hi-rise! I also love the elephant, it reminds me of Zuri, the newborn elephant at our local Hogle Zoo. Thanks to Kelly for reminding us of fun and meaningful places to shop!