Wednesday, November 4, 2009


The Norwegians have a saying, "There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing." Winter is on it's way. Will your wardrobe be ready? Check out some cozy new arrivals at Second Hand Chic. From snuggly sweaters, toasty tweeds and warm woolens, we have what you need to face the cold weather head on.
Finnish off your winter outfit with a warm hat and comfy scarf. You'll be ready for even the coldest Norwegian winter!

Be ready for old man winter, ladies. Stop by Second Hand Chic while the selection is good.

Love, Kelly


  1. I love winter because it's time to dress warm....and the clothes are adorable, stylish and warm !

  2. Linda, I think I love you, but I can't hold back the vitriol that spews from my spirit when I speak of winter. The only thing that makes it bearable are the lovely warm sweaters that can be had for such a reasonable price at the Second Hand Chic.

  3. Thank you, Robin. Sorry that you are not a winter person. But I wouldn't head to Cancun just yet, until Hurricane Ida blows through there this morning. You need to layer, layer, layer, my dear, in order to stave off the frigid winter winds of The Valley of the Great Salt Lake. You are a slender little thing who needs to take care not to succumb to hypothermia and/or frostbite while braving winter's onslaught while you shop outside in the sleet and snow at the Gateway. My advice is to choose an inside mall when shopping in frosty climes. There is South Town, Fashion Place, and Valley Fair, right here in the Valley,where you will stay warm and toasty. Just sayin'.

  4. Oooohhhh, lovely sweaters! Vintage sweaters are my new "thing". Can't wait to come try some on when I'm out in your town for the holidays!

    -Shelley T.