Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vintage Scooters

My neighbor, Bennie sent me this photo of one of his vintage scooters. It's a 1961 Vespa Allstate. Bennie sells vintage scooters and this one is going for $1,300. Can't you just picture yourself on this beauty, puttering around town, the wind in your hair, your envious friends looking on as you speed by? In addition to being oh so stylish, think of the cash you'll save on petrol!

Interested? Call Bennie at 801.201.5237 or

Just for sending us the photo, Bennie will be entered to win this month's blog contest. You can win, too. E-mail a photo of a vintage find, fix-up project, decorating idea or crafty creation. Out of all the photos sent a winner will be chosen at random.

Love, Kelly


  1. Sure is a pretty means of transportation! But, PLEASE.... wear protective gear at all times while riding in style and saving cash on petrol.

  2. I indeed can imagine myself on that cute yellow scooter...but I think it would be an alarming sight! And I would probably panic and fall over and not be able to get up!!! lol