Saturday, November 7, 2009

New Merchandise

Here are a few of the new items we have just received here at Second Hand Chic this week.

See anything you like? If so, don't wait! Get in your car and hurry on down. As you know, the good stuff doesn't last!

Love, Kelly


  1. Yes!!! I do see something I like...EVERYTHING!!! Oh, how I wish that I lived closer, you have great new stuff!!

  2. My favorite is the set of tv trays! How vintage, how cute! How useful!!! It's DVD season as it gets colder and the winds are blowing outside. We need a snack tray to hold the carrot sticks (right)...I mean hot buttered popcorn while we watch Season 7 of "24" marathon-style!

  3. That plantholder is fantastic. When I get well I will have to come check it out! Those trays are so fun too! You get all the good stuff!

  4. MINE MINE! I want the little ceramic dogs!