Monday, November 23, 2009

Vintage Christmas Monday

From now until Christmas I will be participating in "Vintage Christmas Monday". The host is Joan of Anything Goes.
Please excuse my rudimentary linking, Joan. I am still struggling with the blogging technology.

Here is a sampling of some vintage Christmas cards that we sell here at Second Hand Chic. I think they are quite charming and they sell for a mere $1 each! I have to admit one of my favorite Christmas traditions is the cards. Nothing beats receiving a hand written greeting in the mail from a friend or family member. In this modern era of e-mails and FaceBook I fear the tradition will become a thing of the past.

One of the benefits of buying vintage Christmas cards is that sometimes the work of writing a personalized greeting has already been done for you! Just white out the name and make it your own! TeeHee.

Seriously though. These olds cards really are quite charming. Don't you agree? My favorites are the sparkly ones!

The tradition of sending a lovely card has been replaced with the "family newsletter". I have to admit I enjoy reading these as long as they don't become too "braggy". You know what I mean: "Greetings from the Jones Family! blah blah blah...Just to let you know, my husband recieved the Nobel Peace Prize again, little Timmy just won a full scholarship to Harvaard and little Susie spends her free time splitting the atom! We are so proud."

Even the boxes the cards came in are adorable! If you'd like to participate in Vintage Christmas Mondays, go to Joan's blog and tell her I sent you. In the meantime, maybe I can figure out that fancy shmancy link up button!
Love, Kelly


  1. These are all so fabulous!!! I just love the graphics on the vintage cards. I have many and just love to scan them and use them to make new cards every year.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  2. Hello Kelly, I LOVE your vintage Christmas cards, and I too hope they do not become a thing of the past... I have many in my collection and I would never part with any of them! I had to laugh about your comments about sending a "family newsletter"! You are sooo right on with that! I hate those! It seems like the ones we have received are really just "me, me, me" and not even "how are you all doing" or sometimes not even a Merry Christmas! I am so much into the simpler, precious Christmas traditions of yesteryear... thanks for sharing! I just signed up for the parto too! Love to you... Bisous... Julie Marie

  3. Oops! That was supposed to say "party" not "parto", sorry! xoxo Julie Marie

  4. So true about the cards and the family newsletters! Had to laugh about Suzie splitting the atom!

  5. I love old greeting cards, and yours are great! I've started collecting them this year, including the old boxes too. You can't beat the pretty graphics on them. And I agree, I love giving and receiving cards too!
    Happy Vintage Christmas Monday!

  6. There are only a few blogs that I follow because it can really be quite addictive. However when I spotted yours through Anything Goes, I knew I had to follow. You had me first with the issue of blogging technology (my lack of same)followed by the lost art of sending handwritten greetings (an e-mail greeting card just isn't the same) but the best was saved for last.....your thoughts on family newsletters. I have friends and family who love to describe in lengthy detail about all their vacation destinations. Hey I am self-employed and don't get a vacation. I am thrilled to make it over to the next town for an afternoon just of shopping. So nice to meet you. Be sure to stop by for a visit. And hopefully I can figure out how to use the button for Vintage Monday.

  7. I am very happy that you have joined Vintage Christmas Monday and your post is very fun. The graphics on old cards are so interesting. See you next Monday. xo Joan

  8. Pretty vintage Christmas cards ... never thought to re-gift the message as well ... brilliant!!
    ; )


  9. Those are wonderful vintage Christmas cards! I love the graphics on the older cards. Look forward to seeing what you show next week.

  10. Those are so sweet! It just seems like more thought & detail was put into the older cards to me.
    I adore it the first one!

  11. Oh boy, Kelly!
    You KNOW how much I love these images!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  12. Kelly...I'm in the same boat when it comes to linking things...always have to grab my childrens help.
    Much easier to run a shop than figure out some of this.
    Congratulations on your 4 years!
    Love the vintage greeting cards, can't wait to see what you have for next week. This will be fun.

  13. I have been buying Kelly's vintage birthday cards for my girlfriends and they love the vintage cards since we are all approaching the "vintage" age anyway! These Christmas cards say it all with the pretty art and the sweetness and atmosphere of the by-gone age we grew up in....very sentimental for me.

  14. I must be disagreeable again, I apologize. And during the Holiday Season, for Heaven's Sakes.

    Tisk Tisk for your negativity regarding family Christmas News Letters!! Our family (including Kelly) is known for their heartwarming and fascinating self promotion in so many ways, not only at Christmas time. But let's face the facts, what better way for self promotion than through the Christmas News Letter? In the spirit of full disclosure, we do have a member of our family who spends her free time splitting the atom -- honest, where do you think Kelly got the idea from???

    Now, in my own personal family (the one in which I procreated and produced three of my own offspring) well, we may not be as shiny as those whom my sister mocks in her blog, however, even though my husband is not a Nobel Peace Prize Winner, *I* won a prize at the 2nd Hand Chic (so you can bet that will be in our family news letter this year)!

    Sadly we have named none of our children Timmy, nor has any of us won a full scholarship to Harvard, but I DID win something at the 2nd Hand Chic! Happy Holidays to all.