Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Action at the Auction

Since it's a five hour drive from Salt Lake City to Driggs, Idaho, I decided to stay the night in Rexburg so I could get an early start Saturday morning. I arrived promptly at 10 AM and was so excited because it was my first auction and oh yeah, to meet Maryann (Dawn Wells). She was very nice and really friendly, chatting with everyone at the sale. While her items were being auctioned she would occasionally yell out some tidbit about the item, "That toothpick was once used by Gilligan!"

Watching the auctioneers in action was really quite entertaining. They were very animated and enthusiastic about each and every item sometimes making outrageous claims, "This set of towels will change your life!"

There were lots of dead animals at the sale. This dead zebra which sold for $1200 was out of my price range.

I had my eye on these two items: the antique mannequinn and the set of slipper chairs. After waiting for two hours for them to come up I was feeling a little anxious and impatient. At that point they split the auction into two groups to get things moving faster. Wouldn't you know it, the mannequinn and the chairs came up for auction at the same time! AARGH! I had to run back and forth on the lawn between the two groups waving my auction number around my head like some type of lunatic. I got the mannequinn but was outbid on the slipper chairs.

My sisters will be dissapointed that I didn't get this collection of fabulous wigs.

I can understand how it would be easy to get caught up in the action and bid way too much for an item. You could really loose your shirt at an auction. This elephant lamp was part of a set that ended up selling for over $200 just because somebody got excited. I swear I saw these at Target last week.

After scoring the mannequin and a beautiful wool blanket I felt satisfied with my purchases and decided to hit the road. It's always interesting to get a glimpse of how the famous live. Besides the zebra rug and stuffed leopard, most of her possesions were just regular stuff like the rest of us would own.
Love, Kelly

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  1. You didn't get the chairs? Oh they are so you!! I love them! The manequin is FAB! What are you going to name her and is she going to don fab frocks at the store or just be naked in jewels? Hard decision there :)