Sunday, August 9, 2009

Antique Store Redemption

Normally I don't purchase items from antique stores for my shop just because they are too expensive. However, after visiting every thrift store in Pocatello and coming up empty-handed I was desperate to fill my van. I found this sweet little shop in downtown Pocatello and was pleasantly surprised.

"Her Alibi" is a very charming spot with an impressive and reasonably priced assortment of merchandise.

Her Alibi
211 S 4th Ave
Pocatello, ID

They even have a "Bargain Shed" out back where I spotted this adorable cupboard.

The sweet little lady who helped me was very nice and because my pile was so huge she gave me a discount.

Woops! I guess I wasn't supposed to look in that closet. Maybe they have these magazines on hand to keep the husbands occupied while their wives shop. What a great idea...I should try this in my shop. Just kidding, I am after all in Utah and the biddies would be outraged.
Love, Kelly

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