Sunday, August 9, 2009

Estate Sales: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Every weekend here in Salt Lake City, there are usually at least a few estate sales being held. An estate sale, not to be confused with a yard or garage sale usually involves selling off the entire contents of someone's home. In most cases an elderly person has been moved into a nursing home or is deceased and the family hires an outfit like, in this case A1 Estates Services to conduct a sale.

This is Patrick, he's a little camera shy and prefers to be photographed in his working mode.

John is always very helpful and friendly and usually gives me a good deal because my pile of stuff is so enourmous.

Since it's the final day of the sale, everything is half off. It's slim pickens but I scored this lovely wardrobe with mirrored doors for only $130. It even came with a skeleton key! (The Good)

As you can see, there is a little bit of everything. (The Bad)

Is there a luau in your future? Then you're in luck because this darling mumu is only $2. (The Ugly)

Estate sales are open to the public and are usually listed in the classified section of the newspaper.

The shed is usually a big draw for me but watch out for spiders!

I have found that the coffe can filled with old screws is standard issue in every old dude's garage.

And there's never a shortage of lovely seasonal decor in the craft room.

I'm certain this jar or "Borer Killer" is long since expired but at .50 who could resist?

It's all over but the shouting folks. After you've made your final purchase the helpful fellows with A1 will even carry your items to your vehicle for you! You can contact A1 Estate Services at 801.467-9787 or visit their website at:

So here is my final haul. The total bill for all these treasures, including the wardrobe came to a mere $250. So you can see, if you are a true bargain girl like myself, it pays to shop the estate sale on the final day. And if you are wondering about the toilet, the "Homer Laughlin" stamp on the back was the selling point for me.
Love, Kelly


  1. Homer Laughlin made toilets? Was this so you used the Loo with your finer china and kept in style? Hysterical!

  2. You're too funny, Kelly, to show off our new metal cabinet on your blog! That great retro cabinet in the photo just above the shed will soon be gracing our kitchen, minus the spiderwebs underneath and the 'tacky' woodgrain contact paper on the shelves (pun intended. . . ). Great stuff you can find at the "boutique" the day after an estate sale, huh? Love it. . . .

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