Thursday, August 20, 2009

A "Cool" Idea

Have you ever wondered what to do with that old fridge in your life now that you've replaced it with a new energy-efficient model? It's got too much style to throw away and take up all that valuable space at the landfill. Your neighbors will surely object if you park in on the porch for an extended period.

My friend Karla Tuke came up with this great idea of repurposing her old fridge into a sleek retro storage unit for barware and beverages. The groovy vintage appeal, and not to mention the adjustable shelves make it the perfect "intoxication station".

Any ideas on what she should do with the old door?
Great job, Karla. We'll be over tonight for cocktails. With a set up like this, you'll never have to say, "Bye old Norge!"
Love, Kelly


  1. What a fab idea!!! I wish that I had one of those old fridges, now!
    Christina :)

  2. i looove this Annie