Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dissapointment at the Thrift Store

Let me begin this post by stating that my intention here is not to malign the charitable organizations of the Goodwill and Deseret Industries thrift stores. They are both fine organizations that do much to aid the needy and serve the community. I am merely an observer, passing on to you my visual account of the second hand shopping experience. If it's true that the local thrift store is a reflection of the demographics of the community then I am a little concerned about the good citizens of Pocatello, Idaho. First of all, this sexy belly dancing outfit is a girl's size 8. You be the judge.

The people of Pocatello must be a very "outdoorsy" group. The apparel inventory was well stocked with various and sundry camo gear. They even featured fishing lure in the jewelry department. It's important to look your best when reeling in that "big one".

Not only is this set of blinky light lawn snowmen tacky but overpriced as well; the set was priced at $40!
No record collection is complete without this rockin' assortment of "Twenty Original Hits" although I believe the sassy gal in the daisy dukes is the selling point.

My next stop is the Deseret Industries. As you know, it's my favorite shopping destination in Utah but let's see what the Idaho "Boutique" has to offer.


I do believe this is by far the most hideous sofa I have ever laid eyes on. Although I have to admit it was rather comfy. It would be the perfect spot to enjoy a Big Mac and Fries while watching the latest episode of Jerry Springer.

I remember these little ceramic do-it-yourself projects from my days spent at the craft emporium at BYU. Now you know how old I am.

This lovely silk flower topiary is actually "Sold". A bargain at $20.

Alas. I was unable to find any goods for my shop but this little shopping trip was rather entertaining. Hope I didn't step on any toes.
Love, Kelly

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  1. Kelly, I recall you used to make those little ceramic statue figures at the BYU. And you made a LOT of them. Your secret is out!