Monday, August 3, 2009

Road Trip Treasures

I'm excited to share my newfound treasures from my road trip to Idaho. "Maryann's Moving Sale" in Driggs (see previous post) was the reason for the trip but along the way, I hit every thrift and antique store I saw.

My neighbors of course, thought I was just a little nutty for piling (displaying) the contents of my van on the sidewalk and then carefully photographing each item. They should know by now that I really am a little nutty.

The two antique mannequins I bought at the auction as well as this beautiful burgundy wool blanket which incidentally belonged to "Maryann's" aka Dawn Well's grandmother.

This little seahorse is part of the floor lamp. I believe the seahorse is an underused element of design.

Check out this just too adorable turquois toy typewriter. I was the kind of child who would have loved such a toy; a toy that would prepare me for an adult life of underpayed female servitude to an overbearing male authority who calls me "toots".
Coming tomorrow......monthly drawing winner; it could be you!
Love, Kelly


  1. I'm constantly arranging junk in my front yard for photo shoots, too!

  2. The WIGS!!!! You didn't get the wigs?????
    I love you dearly, but how could you pass on those beautiful and useful wigs?