Sunday, August 2, 2009

Road Trip to Idaho

Here are a few images from my treasure hunting expedition to Idaho this weekend. I found some great merchandise for the shop and enjoyed some marvelous scenery. There will be more blogging adventures to follow like....."Thrift Store Dissapointment", "Action at the Auction", "Antique Store Redemption" and finally, "Road Trip Treasures". So stay tuned fellow bloggers.

"The Spud" drive in theatre in Driggs.

Downtown Driggs.

Downtown Pocatello.

The Grand Tetons as seen from the Teton Valley and Snake River in the forground.

The following pictures were all taken in Downtown Idaho Falls.

Snake River.

More Snake River with Mormon Temple in the background.

Getting out on the road is such a great way to clear your head and reflect on your life. My sweet husband had our daughter Leah clean the house while I was away so upon returning home I walked into a spotless home. Thanks, Poopsie!
Love, Kelly

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