Friday, August 21, 2009

Black & White is Always Right

Even though I am a big fan of colorful interiors, I can't deny the classic appeal of black and white. When I first opened my shop, 4 years ago, furniture painted black or white was a big seller. We couldn't paint fast enough to keep up with the demand.

Lately though, as I peruse the shelter publications I've noticed an increase in the use of bright modern shades like turquois, orange, red and yellow. I've tried to offer more colorful pieces in the shop to reflect the trend but the black and white pieces remain strong sellers. And you can't argue with success, right?

Black and white, when used together in your home make a crisp, classic statement with a strong graphic appeal.

As I've mentioned previously in this blog, old black and white photos add some quirky interest to any decor.

Add some vintage sparkle to the mix with an old silver piece. I think the tarnish adds to the charm!

The best part of decorating with black and white is that when you're ready for some bold color, it's easy to add a piece or two to this neutral pallette.
Black and white, when paired with a vibrant color is a fresh, modern and sophisticated combination.

So consider giving an older piece you are bored with some pizzazz by painting it white or black.
Love, Kelly

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  1. I LOVE Black and White! My master bathroom is Regency style with a ton of mirrors. Makes me feel chic when I get ready in it. Come to think of it I have gotten a lot of my "creative storage" from your shop that are in it :)