Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Man with a Cow's Skull for a Head

Can you imagine my horror when this gentleman walked in my door? I've had my share of odd types in the shop but this takes the cake! Once there was that guy who came in demanding, "Vintage! Vintage! I must have Vintage" He circled the shop a few times shouting until I asked him to leave and never return. He was scaring the customers. My favorite crazy person though was that guy who use to come in and leer at my employees and then asked if I would be interested in becoming one of his polygamous wives. He was banned.
In the four years I've been in business I've had to ban a few insane individuals from my shop, including one of my daughters ex-boyfriends. Other than these isolated unpleasantries, it's been pretty smooth sailing. Until cow-man walked in...


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