Saturday, August 8, 2009

Deja Vu...All Over Again

Many of my customers will remember my last ordeal with road construction at my old location on 33rd South last year. We endured 10 long months of road work. If you've travelled down 9th East lately you are aware of the latest round of chaos that UDOT is putting us through.

When customers come in, they often ask if I am receiving "compensation" during the construction. Are they under the impression that small businesses get free money when the road gets torn up? Last time I checked, the only businesses getting bailed out would include large financial institutions and car manufacturers. My only "compensation" comes in the form of customers who buy stuff in my store. You see where this is leading... If you love our shop then we need your support to stay in business.

Getting to our store is easier than you think. The best route to take is 21st South turning North onto Windsor (840) East. That way, you can avoid the mess on 9th all together.

We are also toying with the concept of changing our hours of operation to adjust to the construction. We'd like your feedback in that regard. Thanks again for your support. Hope to see you soon.
Love, Kelly

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  1. I've posted your link on the facebook. I think you should start each of your posts with a quick description of how to get through the construction. That way the readers don't have to scroll to the former post to figure out the best way to get there. Just an idea... I've never had a blog, nor have I run a store.