Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Blog Give Away

This time of year you are most likely spending alot of time and money buying gifts for the special people in your life. Well, the Second Hand Chicks think that you deserve a gift. Every month one of our blog followers recieve a prize selected especially for them. So if you regularly read this blog, you may as well sign up as a follwer so you can be eligible for our giveaway.
It's easy. It's fun. You could be the next lucky winner!
Love, Kelly


  1. Thats one of the best christmas day photos I have seen in a long long time! It could be me and my!
    Except for the wallpaper and our trees had alot more on them.

  2. Kelly!
    Hello ladybug!! :)
    It wouldn't even be fair for me to throw my name in the hat, but I just had to say hello and that I love that Christmas photo! I hope that you are having a very happy December!!!
    Hugs and loves,

  3. I love hats! Do you sell any at your store?

  4. Hi Kelly, what an adorable picture! I love the little doll buggy, and who wouldn't want that little car!!! I signed on as a follower the MINUTE I found you! Love to you... xoxo Julie Marie

  5. This picture could have been my family in the 50's.


    I joining you followers

  6. Love that photo....even though I'm a girl, I would have rather had the fire engine than the buggy!