Sunday, December 13, 2009

Remuddling...Part 2

Our remodeling project is coming along, slowly but surely. This weekend Poopsie trimmed out the new opening. As you recall, we opened the wall between the living room and a small bedroom on the other side. It's made the living room so much roomier and created a nice flow throughout the house.
We turned this former closet into a, let's call it a "media alcove". We took the doors off the closet and added shelves for books and the television. We decided the yellow would be a nice compliment to the green in the adjoining room.

Poosie runs a nice thick bead of caulk along the trim. Tune in next weekend, folks, when we hang the curtains and pictures and attend to the final foofing. We'll have to wait until after the holidays to put in the new floor. We don't want to push our luck. If we're lucky we'll have it all put together in time for our Christmas guests. Hope you're not planning to stay overnight though since we no longer have a guest room!
Love, Kelly


  1. Hi Kelly, boy, it sure looks like you and Poopsie have alot of fun on a date... tee hee hee! Can't wait to see it all finished! xoxo Julie Marie

  2. It looks like it's almost ready for me and my offspring, aquarium and dog to move in! Thanks, guys.