Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Top Ten Sellers for 2009

As far as sales in the year 2009, I would describe it as "The Year of Living Practically'. 2009 found us in a deep recession with everyone concerned about saving money. With this in mind, we have tried to stock the shop with relevant and affordable merchandise. Here is a list of our Top Ten Best Sellers for the year:

Small Tables priced under $50.

Rockers of all shapes and sizes in any finish. They seem to sell as soon as we put them out on the floor!
Vintage aprons have become so popular lately. Ours are priced at around $18 and they are not necessarily purchased to be worn while cooking. They have been THE fashion accessory of the moment!

Globes, vintage and new have always been a big seller and this trend has continued throughout 2009. Vintage embroidered pillowcases are a beautiful yet practical addition to the bedroom. Even if they are not in mint condition, they have sold well if priced right because they can be used as "cutters" for sewing projects.

The classic cowboy boot never goes out of style. What's fun this year about cowboy boots is that we are seeing them worn with just about everything...skirts, denim, dresses, shorts, and even to the beach as in my daughter Karen's case!

Old typewriters. It's the nostalgic clickety clack of these ancient beauties that has caused a recent surge in their popularity. In fact, the first item that was purchased in our shop the day we opened four years ago was an old typewriter for $50.

Nightstands and small dressers. It seems they provide some extra storage in a small space. And they are not just for the bedroom anymore. Nightstands are making an appearance in kitchens, hallways and even bathrooms!

Wooden chairs painted in fun colors. Mixing and matching different colors and styles around a dining room table is this year's big trend. Ours sell for about $30 each.

And finally, rounding out our top ten list: book cases. A practical catchall for more than just the books in your life.

So, fellow shop owners, what were your top sellers this year?

Love, Kelly


  1. Typewriters and bookcases I can't keep in stock. However, rockers are anathema! It took forever to sell the only one I had in my shop. I'm just gonna chalk this up to regional differences. It's still way fun to see what's selling in different areas! Thanks!

  2. Great post Kelly! For me, 2009 was all about small accessories for the home. Also, anything with lots of drawers....little cubbies, nightstands, and dressers. Also, I sold a lot of ironstone this past year. Can't wait to see what 2010 has in store!!


  3. Interesting variety and a great idea, Kelli - check out our top sellers @ www.abode-abode.blogspot.com

  4. I don't own a shop, so I can't comment today. I am sorry.