Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Name is Kelly and I'm a Maddict

Have you seen the television program "Mad Men" on AMC? Well, I for one am not ashamed to admit that I am hooked on this show! It's the story of a Madison Avenue Advertising agency in the early 1960's. The show is so well written, the stories so compelling that sometimes I get a little misty watching. But the costumes, make up, hair and set design are so acurate to the period, it's chilling. It's kind of a walk down memory lane for someone growing up during the 60's. The show has developed a huge cult following and we refer to those people (myself included) as "Maddicts". Check it out.

Love, Kelly


  1. Hi Kelly, I don't watch much tv at all... but if it is a true representation of what we went through in the 60's I must check it out!!! Bisous... Julie Marie (That guy in the picture is pretty easy on the eyes!)...

  2. I've heard other people say that this is a good program too, but alas, we don't have AMC on our cable - sigh!

  3. I love this show. I have season I & II on DVD and was able to watch season III. Very addictive and I was a teenager in the 60's so I remember a lot of this....guess that makes me a Maddicts also!

  4. Yes, agreed! I watched all of season 1 in a single day. Didn't leave my bed, even to go pee. It is an intriguing, stylish, and most enjoyable show. I really do appreciate the way it depicts how terribly dangerous it was to be a child back then: no seat belts, the joys of wrapping your sister up in a dry-cleaner bag, mommy smoking and drinking not only while she was pregnant with you, but blowing smoke on you in the car when you were a little older.

    Really, this IS a great show.