Saturday, December 5, 2009

God Save the Queen

As long as I can remember, I've been something of an Anglophille. I'm completely fascinated with anything Brittish. So when I spotted this gem at an antiques sale this morning, my heart skipped a beat! Here she is in all her royal frippery; her HRH Queen Elizabeth II. Nowadays, seeing the ancient queen at royal functions with her feathered hats, matching handbag and sensible shoes, one may forget that she was once quite lovely, as in this youthful photo.

I love the Brittish. I love their accents and their stoicism and the peculiar words they use for objects like "bumbershoot" instead of umbrella and "knickers" instead of underwear. I love watching Brittish movies, especially the Jane Austin variety. They are always so proper and polite and no matter what sort of crisis they may be experiencing they always have time for a spot of tea. We Americans could learn alot from the Brits.
So here's to you, Queen Elizabeth. You gotta love a gal in a crown.
Love, Kelly


  1. Oh Kelly, how wonderful!!! My niece is in London right now! I am sooo envious, I love everything British too! Are you keeping that for yourself or is it for sale??? Wow, I am becoming a blog shopper! If it is for sale, I want it! What a beautiful lady! I still think she is beautiful... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Seeing that portrait of the Queen made me want to drop a curtsy right here in the living room! She is so regal, and she reminds womanhood of the regalness we all share. Long Live the Queen of England in all her stunning royalty! My favorite channel is BBCAmerica...I love Midsommer Murders, Antiques Roadshow Brit-Style, Miss Marple, Jane Austen, Cold Comfort Farm, Enchanted April....oh how I do go on. Sorry....! Love the Royals. Just not sure what God needs to save the Queen from, though. She seems to have it pretty much handled.

  3. Hi there! Yes, I too think the English are so interesting. I've never been out of our country, but if I could England would be my first store, the Ireland...

    This is a fabulous picture of the Queen - she really was a beauty and this photo really captures that. It's very special.

    I used to have a big portrait of Queen Victoria maybe twenty years ago - at the time, I had a shop and sold it. Wish I still had it now.

    Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

  4. she's one of the rare women in the world who actually gets to wear her crown in public and act like "the queen" without people rolling their eyes! lol.

  5. This comment has nothing at all to do with the queen of England or any other royalty at all. I have been up all night looking online for information on two fabulous organs I own: The Lowery Holiday Organ with Magic Genie (I believe the "Leslie" feature refers to the speakers), and a Thomas organ, whose make or name I do not recall at this ungodly hour.

    PLEASE either come over to my house this minute and put me to bed, or help me figure out where to get an owner's manual for these beauties. The Lowery seems to be working well, but it is so complicated. Sadly, the Thomas, with lighted keys, has ceased to function. This is the organ that has been used to create the original sound track for the highly popular YouTube/FaceBook series, "Avondale".

    And ohmigosh! 2 separate cars, carrying two separate people slid down the hill last night and rammed into Pete's car! Can you believe it????

    Thinking about the royalty of England, I truly do enjoy royalty, not so much the clothing, but the jewels and above all -- the tiaras! I know a store who sells some very exquisite tiaras.... What, with my organ problems, can I afford to come and get a tiara?????

    Put me to bed NOW!!!!!