Sunday, December 6, 2009

Winter Is Here!

It's official, folks! Winter has arrived on the Wasatch Front. We recieved a light dusting of the white stuff overnight here in Salt Lake City. It just takes a little snow to put you in the mood for the Holiday Season!
Snow is good for our local economy. This time of year, the ski and tourism industries keep businesses going all winter. It keeps the hotels full, the restaurants bustling and the shop cash registers ringing. Sometimes I have to remind myself of this as I'm scraping the ice off my car windsheild, cursing the cold under my breath. Snow is good for Utah.

A light dusting of snow seems to transform even ordinary objects into things of beauty, don't you think?

Look who's ready to go back inside where it's warm? Even though she was all snug in her stylish red sweater, she refused to step foot off the porch! Bumbee is definately not a winter dog.
Drive carefully. Winter is here.
Love, Kelly


  1. Hi Kelly, we really got dumped on overnight too! It looks pretty, but I'm with Bumbee! I don't want to go out in it yet this morning! Your photos really are beautiful... I love how the plants and berries all look covered in snow... have a warm and happy Sunday! xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Kelly,
    These photos are so pretty....a blanket of snow and winter~y sure did help me get going! I needed that~ I'm going to go make Christmas gifts now!!!! :) Thank you!

  3. Kelly, you captured the snow beautifully!
    It was so interesting that even though it was such a little bit of snow because of the freezing temps it was kind of treacherous. It took me twice as long to get to work. I thought it would stop the shoppers Saturday...grateful it didn't.
    Guess we are getting too close to the big day not to be getting it done.
    lovely post of Utahs snow.

  4. Your photos made me glad I live in is a perfect winter wonderland, isn't it. But I'm with Bumbee....just because it looks so beautiful is no reason to tumble around in it!

  5. These images are so should make postcards of them and sel lthem in your shop or use them as mailings for advertisment!!

  6. I love all your snow pictures! That is vintage Christmas for me too because we had lots of snow here in Germany when I was a kid, but nowadays it's snowing very rarely.
    I wish for a white Christmas!
    Happy Vintage Christmas Monday
    wishes you Carola from Boxwood Cottage

  7. Kelly, Those pictures are wonderful. You've captured the cold beauty of winter.

  8. That angle is gorgeous with the dusting....I love snow but no I reside in the deep south *sigh*...a girl can dream.

  9. Pretty Pictures! Pete got T-boned thrice in one night parked outside our house, snow a'fallin on the hill, cars a'slippin and a'slidin

  10. Oh, I guess I mentioned all that T-bonin' in my last comment! How redundant and self-centered I am. Here, let me try to do better....

    Sorry, got nuthin'; just T-bonin' and narcissism.

    Oh, but I DO have a lovely vintage christmas tree and ornaments for your eyes only.....