Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I believe I''ve been suffering from PHED (Post Holiday Exhaustion Disorder). The last few days have been sluggish and unproductive ones. As much as I enjoy the concept of Christmas, the reality is often something quite different. What should be a break from our usual hectic routines, the holidays more often than not turn into a harried race of shopping, cleaning, cooking and stressing. And then after the big day and it's all over but the shouting you are left with a feeling of dissapointment and ultimately complete exhaustion. Sigh.
Every year I have this fantasy of getting away at Christmas. Sitting on a beach somewhere, staring at the ocean with absolutely no responsibilities sounds like a dream come true. Maybe next year.....
Love, Kelly


  1. I could not have expressed those thoughts any better. Of course I loved the day, being with my family and everything. However, I was the one picking up the wrappings for the recycle bin, cooking the Christmas dinner and of course the cleaning up of that. By the time I curled up in bed, ready to read a book that Santa brought me, I fell asleep on page 2. Oh well. Merry Christmas. Looking forward to the New Year.

  2. Oh Kelly, come spend Christmas with the Ballard Ashdown's some time. It's better than a warm beach with aqua water tickling your feet. PS, nice photo! BTW, did you ever catch the Very Special Avondale Christmas Special this year? It is easy to find on the Youtube, and it is sure to warm your heart and spirit -- no need for a tropical vacation. Here is a link, just in case: http://www.youtube.com/user/248329#p/u/12/Y7VCNycbwsw

  3. Come to think of it, even if you have already viewed the "Very Special Avondale Christmas Special" this year, it is really worth returning to. It makes you long for the specialness of the season. We always encourage our friends, families, and strangers alike to view, rate as "AWESOME", comment, and then share with friends. It's that easy! Merry and Happy Holidays, to one and all.