Saturday, December 19, 2009

Shop Responsibly

Since this is the last Saturday before Christmas most likely you'll be picking up some last minute gifts around town. Just a gentle reminder to shop responsibly: buy local, buy second hand, buy handmade, buy fairly traded merchandise. The nice lady in the spats and fir wrap, which I'm certain is faux fir, is shopping for bling at a local jeweler in her neighborhood. Back in those days there were no MEGA STORES. People shopped local and they liked it! Nowadays it's more important than ever to shop locally in order to preserve our communities.

Your shopping habits can make a difference!

Love, Kelly


  1. Hi Kelly... Your shop is still considered "locally" for me right????? tee hee hee... better be! I will be in after Christmas! I would like to think those are faux furs, but in those days I doubt it... I am glad that has changed now (I will pretend they are faux furs they are wearing or that the little critters all died a natural death!) That is great advice... I hate the big box stores! I shop the little stores as often as I can... and handmade and second hand are the only way to go! Love to you... Bisous... Julie Marie

  2. We all need that reminder, all over the country this is a problem. Little shops are folding up like crazy, you probably have friends and I do to that have lost their shops this year in Utah and some are on the verge as we speak and alot has to do with big box stores, economy and lack of customer loyalty to the small shops. Customers think we will always be there...
    I think you'll agree Kelly, it's a tough business to be in, but we're crazy, arent we!
    So its more important than many think.

  3. I need to add that the internet is a big one that is hurting almost every kind of store, not just the small ones. It's probably contributing to many closed shops.
    Even when neat stores look successful...probably with this economy they are only looking that way. Truth. I am on a business blog with 100 shops all over the U.S. and this is very much the reality unfortunatly.

    I am not knocking the internet, I think its really nice and convenient and probably the way of the future. So we will see more and more internet shopping...and will deal with the affects it creates to brick and mortars.

    It is what it is. We deal.

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  5. Oh, you know, your photo reminds me of another WONDERFUL and classy store in town that sells marvelous items to locals and travelers alike. The vintage and glamourous flair of the jewelry display cases, the fancy dresses and wraps, furs and stoles. Those were the days, and although one might say the store is a bit old-timey, it is certainly worth the trip back in time. Of which store do I speak, you ask? It is called Arbacker's and you can visit it whenever you watch the quality shows wherever Western General Facilities programming is available. A wonderful sales lady, by the name of Veda Colefax is very friendly and helpful, and Arbacker's always offers free gifts to paying customers.