Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dottie Angel

I just discovered a wonderful blog that I wanted to share with you: Dottie Angel

I love the wit and humor of this blog as well as the adorably whimsical handmade items she features. But what really intrigued me is the "dottie angel challenge of the utmost kind". It's a challenge to purchase only handmade and second hand goods for an entire year.

As you know, the Second Hand Chicks can really get behind a challenge like this and we want to encourage you to join in. It's something to keep in mind now that we are in the midst of the holiday shopping season. Now, more than ever, it's so important to consider how our shopping habits affect this little planet we share.

So before you get in your car and head over to the MegaStore to pick up some gifts, consider stopping by the local thrift store or a craft bazaar at the church in your neighborhood. Or if you live in Salt Lake City, Second Hand Chic, of course! And be sure to check out Dottie Angel for more inspiration.

Love, Kelly


  1. Hi Kelly, I am off to check out Dottie Angel right now... I LOVE handmade and second hand goods as you know! I especially love homemade goodies to eat as well... I honestly buy very little that is not handmade or second hand...I love the little old mom and pop grocery stores too, getting sooo hard to find! Love to you... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. That is very good advice Kelly. I am going to take that advice more to heart in the new year.
    I am going to searce deeper for antique shops.


  3. Loving the Dottie Angel link! And loving my shopping ideas gift list for politically and ecologically correct second-hand shopping. If we all purchased lovingly-used second hand recyclables, what a wonderful world it would be. Don't you agree? What friend would not want a vintage hand sewn apron for instance! Or a vintage board game of Go To The Head of the Class? Or a cute dachshund figurine which holds your watch, ring, pocket change and wallet on your re-finished vintage dresser....all from Second Hand Chic!!!! Second Hand Chic Shopaholics Arise!

  4. By the way, Shelley LOVED the blankets I purchased at your store. And only because I love her, I somehow was able to part with 3 of them. I guess that's a sign of a true friend, the ability to part with 3 amazing 2nd Hand Chic woolen blankets

  5. Dottie Angel's challenge sounds awesome. Not sure I can completely comply, but I'll try my best. And, I bet my sister can definitely do it!