Friday, December 4, 2009

Chaos in the Craft Room

When my children moved out last year I decided to convert the basement into a craft room. It would be the ultimate craft room; a Crafting Mecca, if you will. I imagined myself spending hours creating adorable and clever items to sell in my shop. Lately, however, my craft room has been neglected and has fallen into the grip of chaos. See for yourself....

I love to buy vintage fabrics and linens and planned to transform them into pillows and handbags. I really should fold these.

Vintage greeting cards are also a weakness of well as vintage notions.

Remember that scrapbook I planned to put together of our trip to Texas to visit my family? Well, that was over two years ago and the photos still sit in this tray, uncropped and all but forgotten.

Oh and these cute little lids for tea pots. What was I planning to do with these?

Various and sundry ephemera displayed for inspiration.

Painting supplies sit unused.

These old magazines were going to be used for mixed media collages.

And remember that one time when I was going to learn how to make soldered jewelry? I even purchased this instructional book to get me started. I think I burned myself a few times with the soldering gun and gave up. Sigh.

More vintage fabric!

An assortment of broken jewelry waiting to be reinvented.

My once beloved button maker gathers dust.

What a disorderly disaster!

The sewing corner. That's Buddy Lee standing guard.

Aren't these little bits and bobs fun?

I planned to make pins out of these USA puzzle pieces. Cute idea, yes?

Even the kitty is disgusted by the sad state of affairs around here. With the new year approaching, I vow to clean up my act, organize the craft room once and for all and spend more time creating.

Love, Kelly


  1. May I just say we are sisters in stacks of stuff!!!

  2. Hi Kelly, this is my 4th try to leave a comment, Blogger keeps giving me an error 999 whatever that is! Then it kicked me out of my own blog when I just did a new post! Anyway, I love your crafts room, messy and all, and I love your kitty! Isn't it funny how those books like your soldering book say "Simple" and it is really sooo hard! xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Oh yes. I see what you mean! A little tiding up work to do! Have your read back through my blog to see the mess I started with in my garage. At least you can see the walls of your room. xo Joan

  4. Kelly, Your store is WONDERFUL, you have the best prices and best selection of items!! I totally love how you ALWAYS have super sales and continually bring the best to Sugar House. Keep up the good work. Valerie Molle'

  5. So what if all of us are often candidates for A&E's new series, "Hoarders".
    We are in a constant state of chaos, with organization arising from it!
    Worrieth thou not, Kelly. You can't be the Queen of Second Hand Chic and be tidy at the same time! It doesn't matter. Embrace the chaos!

  6. DON'T you say that about your button maker, woman! Listen, there are a lot of treasures in that craft room that I covet and I do not feel one bit of remorse for you and the regret you may be experiencing for lacking the time and whatever to reacquaint yourself with crafting. I mean it, every single word! And when I move into that space that Poopsie made for me in your old guest room, the one where you are stuffing a towel in between the two floor levels, I am tromping right down those stairs and and will stomp onto the lovely linoleum floor, and I shall take over that beautiful, practical, well-stocked and (what I believe to be) organized craft room. I am not even going to call to warn you when I am coming. I'm just going to show up and take over. Then you'll be sorry you ever complained about all of those items of beauty and usefulness as well as lodging negative comments about that most fabulous craft room ever.

    Don't you ever think about "Avondale" and all of that stuff that you have that we need for our store, "Benson's Brambles and Buggies" that we WISH we could include in our upcoming episode????

    Ladies who love 2nd Hand Chic -- yes! Continue to love 2nd Hand Chic, because it is lovely and they have wonderful items for sale, excellently displayed, at most reasonable prices. But do NOT believe the shopkeeper when she starts complaining about her unused craft materials and her "disorganization." I am just warning you ladies -- this is one post where the 2nd Hand Chic got caught in a lie -- and I shall benefit from it.