Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, Emily

Today is my first born offspring's birthday. Emily is 22 years old today. She's one of those unfortunate people who's birthday is right after Chritmas. But check out the fabulous cake her mother has prepared for her! What a lucky girl to have a mother who is so skilled in the culinary arts.
Happy Birthday, Emily. We love you.
Love, Kelly


  1. Emilys shirt kind of says it all doesnt it! lol!

  2. Happy Birthday to Emily! And happy new year to you Kelly and your famly! xoxo Julie Marie

  3. I really know how to spell family, I will blame it on my cold! xoxo Julie

  4. Happy Birthday wishes to Emily. That cake looks mighty tasty to me! Thanks for following my blog, so nice to meet you.

    Great wishes for a wonderful 2010 too!

  5. 2 things of import:
    #1) this reminds me of the time we had a combined birthday for Aileigh and Henry when they were toddlers. I made two BEAUtiful cakes, and thought I'd be even more fancy, donned a pretty apron, held one cake in each hand over my head for the amazing presentation that was soon to take place.... but I was kinda drunk, and both cakes collided in mid-air as I gracefully descended the stair case. Oh, I patched 'em up and the little kids never suspected a thing.
    #2) Emily: keep that cake for the next CAKEWALK!

  6. PS Happy belated Birthday, Ms Emily.
    Love your loser Aunt.