Thursday, January 21, 2010

All You Need Is Love

Here at Second Hand Chic we are all decked out in pinks and reds. We have assembled some gift ideas for that special someone in your life. Cupids, hearts and flowers are just the thing to show you care.

Nothing says romance like a few phrases whispered in French while wearing a sassy pair of red pumps, ne convenez-vous?

We just put out a large selection of vintage valentines at $1 each.

Love, Kelly


  1. Woo hoo...nothing like shiney red shoes and speaking french for a spark of romance in the shop, great look Kelly!

  2. Oh Kelly, I so want to come to your store!! Thanks for sharing all these photos! It looks great!


  3. love all the old valentine cards! How cute are those?!!

  4. Red pumps,French wispered in my ear,
    Will you be my Valentine?

  5. I was there yesterday in order to taunt my poor sister (which is beside the point) and I must attest to the truth of those red pumps being sassy.

    I was tempted by so many items at the 2nd Hand Chic that day, one of which I do not believe is to be found featured in any of these posted photos. I report that I purchased this item; it is a remarkably romantic lavender colored "TV" tray to aid your loved-one in serving you breakfast in bed. This beautiful tray came complete with the flip out bars underneath and the unique bonus of napkin or possibly doily holding clips. I lucked out.