Friday, January 29, 2010

Old Windows

I love old windows and always pick them up in my travels. Of course, I never knew what I'd end up doing with them but I could not resist adding them to my "piles" in the garage. I always thought they would look cute with vinyl lettering but whenever I priced those little letters in the craft stores, they were awfully expensive, had limited fonts to chose from and seemed kind of tricky to apply. I'm not one for measuring, you see. Then one day, the little light bulb above my head turned on. I took them to my sign guy and (for a pittance) he attached vinyl lettering to them. Finally, something that is not cheaper as a "do-it-yourself" project!
I attached some eye hooks and chain to the tops for easy hanging. They are now for sale in my shop and range in price from $30-$65.

Love, Kelly


  1. Love Love Love YOUR WINDOWS...I bet they look so awesome in your shop.
    so much better to have them custom made instead of ones that are out there a dime a dozen sayings. Great job Kelly Your being so ambitious!

  2. Old Windows are New Again! These turned out beautifully! I just love looking at them and then through them! Your letter-guy is very adept at his job! And all the SHC clients are the lucky recipients of your combined talents! Thanks so much for a dandy new item!

  3. These are GREAT! I bet they sell like MAD! I might even try this myself.....