Friday, January 22, 2010

My Valentine

Inspired by a recent post on Miriam's blog Abode and considering that Valentines day is up and coming, I thought I would devote this post to my sweetheart. Also known as Poopsie, John my wonderful husband of five years is without a doubt the BEST husband ever! Indulge me while I brag a bit....

John and I have known each other for several years. We met about 15 years ago because our daughters were friends in elementary school. About six years ago, Leah, John's daughter suggested that we should "date". Well, one year later, we were married!

When the girls were teenagers they started calling John "Poopsie" as a joke and the name has just stayed with him. Now all the girls in his life refer to him as Poopsie.

Well, Poopsie, although we met late in life, you were worth the wait. You are always there for me and I truly appreciate all that you do. Since this blog is about my little shop I must mention all that Poopsie does to help support me with my business: hauling furniture, fixing furniture, accompanying me to endless estate sales (he says that's the fun part because he finds stuff for his Cowboy Room). The list goes on...repairs around the shop, hanging heavy mirrors, unplugging clogged sinks, installing signs, shoveling snow. He even does all my payroll and taxes paperwork for me! What a prince! I'm a lucky gal, indeed.
Happy Valentines Day, Poopsie. I love you.


  1. Aw, that is so sweet! Good for you to have found your poopsie! We should all have one of those in our lives. You look very happy in your photo with him.

  2. What a cute picture of you and Poopsie Kelly! You are a lucky lady for sure...Julie Marie

  3. You and Poopsie are still newlyweds then! can you run a shop like that without a Poopsie??? What a cute story of your meeting and the cute girls involved Kelly.

    Mine does the Man stuff too...EXCEPT the paper work, now that would be a treat. But then he grocery shops so I suppose that makes it even steven!

  4. Gee, Kelly, I'm my own "Poopsie". I'd love to have a separate lovable "Poopsie" to help out with the heavier things!

  5. I know him as Poopie, for that is how he once signed a thoughtful birthday card that he and Kelly gave me.

    Poopie, thank you for being there for my sister. And thanks for putting up with our nutty family. And thanks for cutting out those round pieces of wood for the set of the "Sweet Shack" for the "Giant" Episode on "Avondale". And thanks for hauling a lot of my "treasures" to the 2nd Hand Chic and for fixing so much stuff. And thank you for fixing the key situation with our WGF and Pleasure Palace building so many times. And thank you for watching our kids.

    And Poopie, thanks for just being you! As Henry so aptly put it, "That John is a real great guy."