Thursday, January 28, 2010

Felted Wool

Lately I've been noticing lots of craft projects done with felted wool. Last week Gayle from The Middle Sister posted about some flowers she made. Gayle is an expert at hooking rugs so her flowers are pretty fancy. Laura from 52 Flea also posted about a Sweater Craft Workshop she attended. I think the Universe was telling me to give felted wool a try! I spent yesterday in the craft room making these sweet little flowers and turning them into pins, clips and barrettes. I even sewed a few to these crochet hats. What do you think ?

The technique of felting wool is soooo simple. Anyone can do it. I bought several wool sweaters at the DI (our local thrift shop here in Utah). You wash them in hot water and then put them in the dryer to finish the job and oila! The great thing about using the felted wool is it's so easy! Since I'm a novice, I thought I'd start with a simple design.

You can use these flower clips to jazz up your lapel, a hat, your handbag or even your hairdo!

This craft is so easy and fun, my daughter and her friend joined me in the craft room and check out their fun creations.

I encourage you to give felted wool a try. Or if you are not feeling crafty, you can pick up a few flowers in my shop. They sell for $5 each.


  1. wooHoo! Way to go Kelly! Your first attempt is spectacular in my opinion. Love the colors you've used for your flowers - I think you might be hooked!

  2. Beautiful felted hats. Your collection of bits and bobs is enough to make me wish I lived a lot closer!

  3. Good job. Okay you have given me the incentive to try. This fall, it was all you saw at the craft fairs. Let's see what I can come up with.

  4. Felted Wool is So Organic! It comes from Sheep after all....I think that is it's is soft and warm and takes to being dyed so well, and then when you shrink it and dry it and cut it into flowers and sew it with vintage buttons and sew pins or hair clips onto the! Look what you have for our enjoyment! Clever Clever Clever! And modeled so beautifully by Heather and friend....and attached to crocheted cloches! Divine!