Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Hillbilly Hideout

Today we'll be stopping by my sister, Robin's house. She refers to her home as "The Hillbilly Hideout" which is beyond me because it is decorated in quite the sophisticated fashion. Perhaps Robin is going for irony. Anyway, let's take a peek inside....

Thanks again for letting us poke around, sister. Be sure to check out Robin's video series, Avondale.

Love, Kelly


  1. WOW... if that is Hillbilly hideout I want to see what a posh place is like. I love her place TFS.

    Thanks for sharing about your valentines... I am addicted to the vintage ones!

  2. 分享的朋友,在精不在多,分享的幸福就在下一秒........................................

  3. What a darling and doting sister I have in Kelly Ballard. So wonderful for her to have paid me a visit (since I am quite a shut-in). What an honor to have her feature my humble aboad on her fancy website! Thanks Sis!

    I believe that her first photo belied ONE of the reasons we call our place the Hillbilly Hideout. You must look carefully, as tell-tale items in the picture appear quite small... Look at the front porch. Can any of you spot what I am talking about?

    Sadly, I cannot take credit for the "self portrait" although I would love to. It was a painting of my daughter Madeleine with our 3 Chows, commissioned by Dana Costello. If you like it, you should look Dana Costello up on the World Wide Web at www.danacostello.com

    Other artwork that you may have noticed in this short tour of our house features Portland-based artist, Shelley Turley at shelleyturley.com. The last photo of me on my comfy bed features a collage that I am lovingly cradling, done by Dennis Reynolds, a creative and unique local artist, AND collaborator for our series, "Avondale".

    Thank you for the plug for Avondale, Kelly. I would like to inform your 2nd Hand Chic fans that if you enjoy low-tech shows, in which not much really happens and savor long expository dialogue -- Avondale is for you! I must warn you, however, if you do not fancy experiencing such aspects in your preferred videos, it will be a very painful 8 or so minutes for you. Don't even try to watch it. We also have a presence on the Youtube, our first video being called "Tornado Lady", (go to youtube search and type in the title) -- that is how I always search for it. But there is an easier way: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4t0V05eFaCE

    Oh, I do so enjoy going back and watching this short video over and over, again and again. Some viewers say they find our shows odd, and incomprehensible at first, but that they seem to grow addicted. Others, not so much. Which type of viewer are you?

  4. Oh dear, what a long comment! My apologies to one and all.

  5. Hi Kelly!
    That is one absolutely stunning home!

  6. So cool to have a peak into the home of the ever famous and ever fabulous Robin! Thanks so much! Robin, you Rock! ie You're Rockin' Robin!

  7. Have been Examining the front porch photo with a magnifier and can't for the life of me spot the give-away of why you call your house Hillbilly Hideaway, Robin! Give us the truth, girl! Thanking you in advance! Carrie's Mom

  8. Oh Linda, you darling thing you!
    Look at the JUNK on the front porch! Junk Junk Junk!!!

    At least we got rid of tub that was out there and put it out ta tha side a tha yard.