Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Stop The Car, It's a Dresser!

Junking is a proud tradition in my family. In fact, our family catch phrase is, "Stop the car, it's a dresser!" Picking up stuff off the side of the road must be genetic.

Last week, my sister, Robin brought me this wonderful dresser that she found, you guessed it, at the side of the road. It's in great shape structurally. Its former owner even went to the trouble of stripping it. It just needs some paint and new knobs.

Thanks, Sister! To pay her back for the dresser, here is a shameless plug: Robin's Fabulous Fortieth. Robin channels stars of yesteryear for your amusement.

Love, Kelly


  1. Love your genetics! And love that its in ready to finish.

  2. I used to have a husband who wouldn't stop the car. Notice, I said "USED" to have. ;o)

  3. RELATIVE! You are good to me. I was on my way to the land of desolate leisure for my rest cure and I couldn't remember my new Avondale Blog!!!! Do you remember what it is called? I thought I should add to it, as you instructed.

    I will keep you informed of my improvements and may go to Pocatello to bring you home a prize.