Saturday, January 23, 2010

Silver Sunday

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for Spring! Nothing gets me in the mood for sloshing around in the mud like galvanized metal watering cans.

Come to think of it...I love anything in galvanized metal: buckets, vases, washboards...the rustier and crustier, the better.

Just so you know, I NEVER use weed killer in my garden. I think weeds get a bad rap. I figure if its green and it comes out of the ground, it's all good.

Don't forget to sweep up the dirt off the porch before you come back in the house. Here's a cute dustpan for the job.

And while you are out there in the yard, watch out for those pesky rodents. I guess I don't mind them either as long as they promise to stay outside. I think I'm just a hippie at heart.
For more Silver Sunday Blog Party Posts, check out Gypsy Fish Journal. Thanks to Beth for being the hostess with the mostest! And now I will attempt a high tech maneuver...I will link my blog to McLinky. Wish me luck!
Love, Kelly


  1. cute post! a nice twist on silver sunday! I agree with you.....the rustier and crustier, the better!!! Can't wait for spring!


  2. I just love the galvanized metal watering cans. They just appeal to me...maybe it is because I'm hoping for spring.
    Looks like you have a great shop.

  3. HI Kelly
    Well I love all your galvanized metal pieces.. and so wish I could find myself some of those washboards.. You know I remember them as a kid but can't recall seeing any lately .. here in Australia that is,, Although the corrugated iron is such a part of my childhood and can still be seen everyone here... You've certainly got me thinking i need some corrugated iron.. haha great post .. Julie

  4. There is so much enjoyment looking at unusual watering cans...I use to collect them, I put different ones all over my yards flower gardens...use them too.
    Yours are wonderful...happy silver sunday

  5. Galvanized metal is wonderful and hints of Spring. It's even beautiful with greenery and berries in Winter. Thanks for sharing. ~ Angela

  6. I love anything galvanized!!!! Great treasures!
    Happy SS!

  7. Kelly.
    These galvanized garden items do speak Spring! I rally love that vase...fill it with fresh flowers...instant Spring!!
    Have a great Spring-like Sunday.

  8. Thank goodness for your post today. I was running out of silver. Next Sunday, it is galvanized metal. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I love your galvanized treasures, and yes, I am awaiting spring!

  10. All these items are right up my alley! I just love galvanized items...reminds me of summer at my grandma's!

  11. YOu did it hooked to McLinky..and you did it without a your silver Sunday goodies....Thanks for coming....see you next Sunday!
    {{gypsy hugs}}

  12. Well my garden is definitely calling to me. It needs some attention after the hard freeze that took a toll. I need one of these galvanized watering cans! Thanks for sharing. These are terrific!

  13. Yup~ totally ready for Spring ~ and I am giddy over galvanized watering cans - Happy Silver Sunday !!!!