Friday, January 8, 2010

The Joys of Nepotism

One of the reasons I opened my little shop 4 years ago was so my daughters could be gainfully employed. How else could I keep them off the mean streets of Salt Lake City after school? Surprisingly, the most challenging part of having them work at the shop was teaching them to count back change! When they moved away last year I actually had to hire people who were not related to me. During the holiday vacation they have been in town so I felt the need to keep them busy.
Emily attempts to decipher the Profit & Loss Report. As you can see, she's a real accounting wiz; just like her dear old dad.

Heather's interests are more artistically inclined so she enjoys slapping some paint around. You can see how much she enjoys her work.

Just wait until they have to get real jobs. Then maybe they'll finally apreciate their mother.
Love, Kelly

1 comment:

  1. Cute cute daughters with fun personality Kelly!
    I love how you said "real jobs" should hear my 3 sons joke about one day when I get a "real job...then I will know what it's like!" They are too big to smack!

    You and I know we work harder than a real job! So funny you mention that.
    You taught them to ewwww, ohhhh and ahhhh over your books...very good and how to get their clothes dirty while work...even better!

    My daughter hasnt worked in my shop of course she says she has her "own" life, however she is priceless to me when we go to the trade shows together...we can make a decision super fast "yes?" or "no?" and then we crash with exhaustion together in bed when the day is done and the night is just starting. And we can bounce ideas off each other like crazy madness...very helpful.
    Lucky you...two daughters!
    The appreciation comes when they have their own daughters acting like them! lol!