Friday, January 1, 2010

Silver Sunday Blog Party

Beth, over at Gypsy Fish Journal is hosting a new blog party for the new year, Silver Sunday, January 3rd to February 7th. If you'd like to participate or just check out the Silver Sunday posts, click on this link to Gypsy Fish.
What a great way to beat the winter "blahs" then to immerse yourself in something shiny!
Love, Kelly


  1. Looking forward to starting the new year with a Silver blogging party...yeah! It hit me this morning that I was already signed up!

    Love your playful and artsy kitty cat too Kelly!

    Okay...lets get the camera's rolling!

  2. I'm not sure there is truly a way to beat the winter "blahs" -- oh, I've tried the special blue happy lamp daily, the "just giving into the cold approach," the hot cocoa (i'm drinking some now!), the hot water bottles, the vacations to warm and luscious spots on the globe -- but you always have to come back and then your nose won't stop bleeding because it is so damn dry in Utah. Oh, I believe I have tried everything to beat those winter "blahs" -- but I haven't yet checked out the Silver Sunday posts on Gypsy Fish! I'm gonna do that right now! Thanks 2nd Hand Chic!

  3. My kids were raised on thrift shops and Goodwills. They all hit the age where the mall is better but eventually they come back to their "junking" roots *smiles*

    Happy Silver Sunday. Blessings... Polly