Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sister Fun at the Thrift Store

My daughters, Emily and Heather are in town for the holidays. Thrift shopping is a proud tradition in this family so we planned an afternoon of clothes shopping at the neighborhood thrift store, Deseret Industries.

Check out the cool vintage tooled leather handbag from Mexico Emily spotted for $6!

Heather finds a unicorn costume. Fun to model but not a "must have item".

An important aspect of thrift shopping is to be selective and sort out the "dogs" like this ugly pillow.

The kids haven't always enjoyed thrift shopping this much. When they were young, much to the chagrin of their thrifty mom, they wanted to buy clothes at the mall...HORRORS! But now that they are older they have learned the value of finding a good bargain.

Heather, always the clown tries a lampshade on for size. Emily finds a cashmere sweater set for $6 and heads for the fitting rooms.

Final negotioations before checking out. Emily was not sure about this London Fog fur trimmed parka for only $8. She seeks out her sister's approval.

Final price for two large bags of fabulous fashion: $65. Who would want to go the mall?

High fives for saving Mom some cash!


  1. All I need to know about thrifting I learned from mother! Thanks for the good times.

  2. Oh, they are just too cute! Looks like they had a great time spending the day together!
    It's always so much fun finding treasures!

  3. Heather, I hope you bought the unicorn costume! I have one and it has been very, very useful, not to mention fashionable (in the right company, of course)

  4. Thank goodness my daughter, now 21, appreciates a thrift store wardrobe. She doesn't have to have all the big named shoes or clothing. She found her Sr. year prom dress for only $8 at the local Goodwill store and last Christmas, picked out a beautiful 2 piece Talbot's outfit for me, (with the original price tags still on it) for only $6.99!!! I taught her well. Aren't we so proud of our daughters.

  5. I love that your daughter found her prom dress at a thrift store! This lessens the possibility of showing up in the same dress as someone... the horror!