Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A "Must-Have" Item

After several weeks of no estate sales and my subsequent "withdrawal" symptons, finally there were 2 sales this past weekend here in Salt Lake. I bought several items for the shop and filled the van (twice) but the wig sign pictured here would have to be my favorite find of the weekend.

You junkers out there know that if an item speaks to you then you just have to buy it. Well, this little sign was screaming at me. It's now for sale in my shop. Why not come in and see what it says to you.

Love, Kelly


  1. Kelly!
    I can totally relate to that withdraw feeling... I MUST hit the thrift shops every so often, just for kicks. I need that thrill of the hunt feeling, how much can I get for under...?
    What a great sign, girl!

  2. Kelly! What a fab find your sign is! Stopped in to take a look at it and it is HUGE! I had it pictured as a little 5X7 sign and it is 4 feet by 3 feet! And wow it is pricey but I am sure well worth it! Keep up the good work! Love and Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. That sign is the BEST sign I have ever been lucky enough to view in person. Oh, that sign said so much to me; it whispered, it sang, it shouted, in short... it spoke to me.

    I would suggest that all who have an interest in wigs, palaces, and/or chainery visit the shop and listen to what the sign may have to say to you, personally. But TAKE WARNING -- you cannot possess the sign, although you will want to. And that is all I shall say about this sign.